Tuesday, July 09, 2024

A MySQL 9.0.0 branch with patches

Recently I made public a branch of MySQL 8.4.0 with patches. Now that newer upstream versions have been released, I have rebased the branch on 9.0.0: patched-mysql-9.0.0.

I did not add any new patches, and dropped the LLVM compilation fix patch. Thus the current patch set improves AddressSanitizer support and includes several fixes/improvements for the clone plugin to support a second transactional storage engine:

  1. Fix for Bug 115120: Provide memory debugging macro implementations for AddressSanitizer.
  2. Fix for Bug 109922: SEs do not coordinate clone rollbacks on instance startup.
  3. Fix for Bug 109920: SEs cannot add to clone data size estimates.
  4. Fix for Bug 109919: Clone plugin does not support arbitrary length O_DIRECT files.
  5. Fix for Bug 107715: Multiple SE clone not calling clone_end after mixed clone_begin failure/success.
  6. Fix for Bug 106750: Some clone tests needlessly marked as Linux-only.
  7. Fix for Bug 106737: Wrong SE called to ack clone application if >1 SE.

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