Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A MySQL 8.4.0 branch with patches

While writing the previous post, I noticed that I didn't have a central location for the patches that I submitted to Oracle. Some were in local branches, some were .patch files lying around. So now I pushed a tree that has all those patches applied in a single place: patched-mysql-8.4.0, and I even added a README. This tree hopefully will make it easier to rebase on future Oracle releases. I had maintained similar branches before while pushing some of the Percona patches to Oracle around early 8.0 times.

As for the patches themselves, the majority of them add various missing features for the clone plugin to be able to support more than one transactional storage engine. There is also a compilation fix and a slightly improved AddressSanitizer support patch.

All MySQL 8.4.0 users are advised to migrate ASAP! /s

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