Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Building and testing MySQL 8.0.37 & 8.4.0 on macOS

The first MySQL LTS release, 8.4.0, is out, together with 8.0.37! Which means it's time for me to build and test them in my main work environment, continuing the series (8.3.0/8.0.36, 8.2.0/8.0.35).

The first surprise is that both these releases do not build with the current XCode (15.3 at the time of writing), because the LLVM 17 compilation failure I previously reported (#113123: Compilation fails with LLVM 17 and XCode 15.3) is not fixed yet and started affected Apple toolchain too. I am using Homebrew-packaged LLVM 16 for all the builds of these versions. I didn't do any LLVM 18 nor GCC testing neither.

For the good news, I no longer get a build-breaking warning in NDB, even though its bug (#113662) is still open. Finally, for the build-related no-news, nothing has changed with regard to system vs bundled libraries: both versions continue to build with all the system libraries, except for zlib.

On to the testsuite. It seems that 8.4.0 release build testsuite takes some 20% less time than the 8.0.37 one. It must be the payoff from the deprecated feature removal removing their tests too, although I did not try to confirm that.

Fixed bugs and no longer reproducing test failures on open bugs:

New test failures:

I wanted to call the following the list of bugs with no changes, but I can't. While some of the bugs indeed have no changes, there is also a small but definite creep there: a test that only failed in one configuration before now fails in two. A second sibling test started failing with same symptoms. That's definitely not "no changes", but not new independent bugs neither. It's worrying.

I did not re-test two bugs:

Thus, the numbers are: 4 new bugs reported, 5 fixed or no longer reproducing, 10 bugs with no changes or with a bit of creep, 2 non-tested.

But wait, there's more! I have also sent some patches to Oracle by OCA! I am only counting the recent patches I developed at VilniusDB and not the ones I submitted at Percona. So how many have they applied since 8.3.0?

So, zero. Of course two out of four patches are for clone with a 2nd transactional storage engine, thus the excuse of Oracle MySQL not having such engine sounds plausible.

That's about it. I am still running Valgrind tests, and they should complete any week now, unless I have to kill them to take their machine for something else. I will not be updating this post or writing a new one unless their results are very, very unexpected. Otherwise here's to the new MySQL releases and hopefully I will continue the series in three months.

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