Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Summer of Code: CV and qualifications in your application

(Writing the application)

An important part of the application is the one where you talk about yourself instead of your proposal. Here your goal is to show that you are actually able to do what you promise to do.

  • If you do not have previous experience with the project codebase, suggesting that you will "work really hard" or that the feature "will be totally awesome!" might not cut it [1]. In such case playing with the code (see above) is important.
  • In similar spirit, "I use this application every day!" is not enough, especially if the application in question is a very popular one, (e.g. Firefox) [1]. There is nothing wrong with stating that, but make sure that this is not your only qualification.
  • Good personal references/recommendations help.
  • Previous projects help, especially in the related area.
  • Do not copy paste your CV from some other application if you fail to tailor it for the one you are applying for [1].
  • Be prepared to back your experience claims in CV with specific examples and descriptions, for example, of the projects done.
  • Needless to say, lying and padding is bad.
Yet your effort to write the application is ultimately more important than your CV. If you have limited time and have to choose between gathering personal references and spending time on a technical part of the application, choose the latter.

Next: summer comes.

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